Media Services

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 9.44.05 PMTraditional Media

There is a direct correlation between the purchase funnel and the role the different media have through that process. At the top of that funnel helping to create awareness would be traditional media. As potential customers begin to become familiar with your brand they begin to search your website and your competitors website. Enter the consideration phase. This is where social media marketing can play a big role in helping to influence a potential customer toward your brand. Then product selection and ultimately shopping happen. Reviews, blogs, direct-mail, email marketing, all play a big role in this space. Lastly, the event we’ve all been waiting for, The purchase. In today’s media landscape buying a single media and praying that works just won’t cut it. A proper media mix is crucial to be successful in our current media landscape.


According to national ratings company, Arbitron, Americans spend 20 hours or more per week commuting to and from work. That translates to a multitude of impressions of ads on the back of public transportation, posters on the sides of building in urban settings, digital billboards along busy interstates, and more. Getting the right boards in the right location is key.

 Television / Video

From viewing TV in homes on giant screens, to watching TV on mobile devices or laptops, to streaming Netflix and YouTube, there’s no doubt audiences are consuming hours of TV every day. Advertising via television offers flexible pricing structures and reaches thousands of consumers at once. Options include satellite, cable, and broadcast TV; national, regional, and local markets; and mobile television and video. The average American still spend over 4 hours per day with traditional television alone.  Think of it as a tried and true approach that’s proven its worth. As video continues to fragment it’s important to have experts place your buys for maximum return on investment.


Radio advertising reaches all those people on the run. Nearly 95 percent of consumers listen to the radio each week while in their cars when commuting and running errands. Radio advertising is cost effective and often inexpensive. The combination of reaching a large population and affordable rates makes radio advertising a sure bet.


It’s easy to target your audiences with print advertising. When people are reading they’re actively engaged with the medium they’re consuming, whether it’s a magazine, catalog, newspaper, trade publication, or direct mail. While a majority of our population consumes media via technology, There is still a demographic that is loyal to the paper.


Social Media

Social media marketing is quickly becoming one of the most important parts of marketing strategy. Businesses all over the world are discovering the ways social media can contribute to the success and growth in all areas of their company. According to Hubspot, 92% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses, while 80% of marketers indicated that their social media efforts increased traffic. With these types of statistics, the benefits of social media marketing can no longer be ignored.